How are we assessed by our certification body?

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Extract of the audits reports mady by our certification body following "field audits"

Each Lyreco country is audited once a year by a worldwide and independent consultancy company (SGS), that uses ISO / International Quality & Environmental standards to do so.

In addition to the overall evaluation, those audits contribute to point out possible Opportunities for Improvements.

Antwerp - Belgium - April 2011


In general the Quality Management System and Environmental Management System are processed and managed well and this is the fact for the different locations Utrecht, Vottem and Berchem.
At the sites with equal processes (e.g. CSO in Utrecht and in Vottem) operations are structured and carried out on a similar basis and reflect a clear strategy towards the management systems.
There were no nonconformities raised during this audit, only five observations are recorded.

Warsaw - Poland - February 2011
The organisation shows a high degree of maturity in the implementation, maintenance and development of both Quality and Environmental Management Systems. The management team is sturdily committed to ensure the effectiveness of operation of management systems.
Notably noteworthy is the manner of implementation and development of environmentally friendly programme such as: eco-driving for the drivers, the collection of empty toner and ink cartridges by customers and the common conscientiousness about environmental issues throughout the whole organisation.
There is also conspicuous concern for the customer as regards ordering and delivery as well as quick and competent dealing with complaints and appeals.

Johor-Bahru - Malaysia - December 2010
Overall the company has demonstrated & adhered closely to the Group’s management system implementation & management with minor adjustment for local contexts. Necessary records & documents indicating the well maintenance of environmental activities within the company are keeps up-to-date.
There is strong commitment & due diligent from top management in ensuring the effectiveness of Environmental Management System with cooperation from local operational staffs.

Copenhagen - Denmark - September 2010
Last year Lyreco Scandinavia has made remarkable changes regarding Environmental focus. This year Lyreco has followed up on the environmental targets very well. Electrical consumption has gone down 10 %. And best of all ECO label products has sold 100’% more than last year that’s really good.
Environmental targets have the same focus as quality and business targets. All targets and measurements are followed up in stringent way.
All Lyreco employees seem strong focus on this targets for Quality and Environmental, not only SMT members.
Lyreco in Scandinavia is a "green" company, also in the meaning that all staff is aware of their effect on the environment, and care. CO2 foot print for Lyreco is measured, and has decreased with 15% in 2009 compared to 2008.

Lyreco programs for training and developing of managers and leaders are excellent and all interviewed managers demonstrate knowledge in leadership. WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTOR OF OFFICE PRODUCTS - LYRECO OFFICE SUPPLIES (M) SDN. BHD. - PLO 111, JALAN CYBER 5, KAWASAN PERINDUSTRIAN SENAI 3, SENAI 81400, JOHOR, MALAYSIA
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